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Anzu: Programmatic In-Game Ad Monetization That Respects Gamers
Monetization tool
Add and optimize blended ads that become part of the gameplay and respect the user experience in your titles. Providing a significant and reliable revenue stream for mobile, console, and PC games.


Game Creation

echo3D SDK
3D asset distribution
This cloud platform provides development tools and server-side infrastructure for you to quickly build and deploy 3D, AR and VR apps with best-in-class content.
Genvid SDK Plugin
Multiplayer services
Add rich and real-time interactivity to your game across multiple streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube) and on diverse infrastructures (AWS, Azure).
Houdini Engine
Procedural node-based assets
Bring procedural node-based assets into the Unity Editor. These assets contain “recipes” that you can apply many times to create consistent, high-quality game art across all levels.
Odin - Inspector and Serializer
Creator tools
Leverage this advanced workflow expansion tool with robust features to build user-friendly editors, without having to write custom editor code.
FMOD for Unity
Audio solution
Simple, powerful, and easy to integrate – FMOD is the complete audio solution for Unity. Try it now and see amazing results for yourself.
Prototype tool
UModeler empowers you to model and prototype within Unity in smart ways. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional. Sketch-based modeling as well as many well-made essential 3D tools in UModeler will make building your world a breeze.
Consent Management
Create a trustworthy and privacy-first experience for your users with Usercentrics Consent Management. This SDK supports app compliance with European (GDPR) and Californian (CCPA) privacy law, and will be constantly updated for additional upcoming regulations.
YVR Integration
3D asset distribution
YVR SDK enables developers to create VR contents on VR devices that compatible to YVR Platform. It provides a flexible and simple interface for VR. So the developers can focus on designing awesome and immersive VR experiences without requiring knowledge of specific VR hardware.
Anti-Cheating Plug-in
Code obfuscation plug-in
With 21 years of technical experience of the team and a guarantee of dozens of NetEase's service lines, Yidun holds a magnanimous feature database and mature risk control security system, forms one-stop security solution in pan-entertainment, social contact, media, finance, game, e-commerce, etc.
RiderFlow by JetBrains
Scenery tool
RiderFlow is a free plugin for the Unity Editor that helps you gain a deeper understanding of scenes. It provides you with the tools you need to instantly navigate and search through the scenes, understand the connections between scene elements, and manage a scene effectively.
Elias 4
Audio engine
Elias 4 is a complete game audio solution that features a revolutionary and intuitive modern workflow, that includes live editing and visual scripting.
VR interaction engine
VirtualGrasp is the premier interaction engine for Virtual Reality and Unity, built upon a foundation of years of award-winning robotics research.

Game Operation and Monetization

Agora Video SDK
Multiplayer services
Capitalize on this real-time engagement (RTE) platform to deliver rich in-app experiences, including video chat, real-time recording, live streaming, messaging and more.
DevOps Tools
GameDriver for Unity is an automation toolkit for immersive content that provides your team with the tools they need to test earlier, faster and more accurately.
OneSignal SDK
Mobile messaging
The easiest and most popular way to send push notifications, in-app messages/pop-ups, emails, and SMS messages to your players.
Mixed Dimensions/GamePrint SDK
Growth & monetization services
Use this 3D printing plug-in to bring your favorite character and game moments to life.
Zendesk SDK
User support
Quickly scale and implement seamless support for mobile games with this native SDK, so you don’t have to worry about underlying OS dependencies.
User support
Helpshift is a mobile-first customer service platform, purpose-built for the needs of today’s game studios and players. With Helpshift you can reduce player churn by providing support directly in the game so players can get back to playing faster.
Streaming video player
Bring high-quality video and streaming directly to your Unity App with digital rights management (DRM) protection on various platforms.
Game monetization
BitLabs is the easiest way to monetize your game by bringing fun and engaging rewarded surveys to your players. Monetize your user's opinion!
Digital payment and wallet
Tilia is a digital payments and wallet platform that enables online games and virtual worlds to build in-world economies and monetize user interaction.
Kindred Monetisation SDK
White-label monetisation platform
Welcome to Kindred's SDK! We are the first monetization solution that doesn't use in-game advertising or paywalls, keeping gameplay at the core of your players' experience. Earn new revenue for free today!
Programmatic In-Game Advertising and Monetization
Anzu empowers game developers to generate high revenues with in-game advertising. Take a share of an estimated $25bn marketplace through native ad placements that don’t disrupt — but enhance — the gaming experience. Monetize any game object and create significant and sustainable income streams.
Report tool
SDK for Sentry's application monitoring platform that helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.



Multi-display and cluster rendering
MiddleVR is a plug-in that allows developers to capitalize on multi-display and multi-computer graphics systems at optimal performance within the Unity graphics engine.
Leia lightfield device
Leia provides a seamless experience for Unity developers to create, share and enjoy stunning 3D content on the Lume Pad, the world's first 3D lightfield tablet.
Holo-light - ISAR SDK
AR/XR Streaming
ISAR SDK is a cross-platform remote rendering solution that brings high-performance XR experiences to mobile devices. By integrating ISAR into your Unity app, you can outsource the rendering process to an on-premises server or the cloud.

Simulation and Virtual Design

Digital twin software
Prespective offers a fresh approach for creating a digital twin, or the virtual equivalent of a system, plugged into the same controller logic, for continuous testing.
Vertical positioning tool
Locate users in three dimensions with floor-level accuracy for real-time interaction and experiences in buildings, underground locations, and dense urban areas.
Omnicept SDK
Real-time developer tools for data-driven insights
The HP Omnicept SDK includes real-time developer tools for data-driven insights. Combining our integrated sensor system – including eye tracking, pupillometry, heart rate sensors and a face camera – with machine learning, developers can uncover actionable insights and design applications that adapt to each user.

Discover more industry solutions

Automotive & manufacturing solutions marketplace
Bring immersive, interactive 3D product visualization to your business. Discover complementary assets and tools to creating real-time 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences from 3D product data.
Architecture, Engineering and Transportation solutions marketplace
Discover third-party products that can help you connect BIM data, stakeholders, and every phase of the architecture, engineering and construction lifecycle in one immersive, collaborative real-time platform

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