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Building a low-poly game

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Embrace that low-tri lifestyle

The faceted look of low-poly art continues to inspire with its simplicity, uniqueness, and easy integration. Our team has curated some of the best, most versatile low-poly packs from the Asset Store, perfect for mobile, VR, desktop, and console projects alike. Score these fan-favorite packs now, while they're 50% off during the Best of Super Sale.

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On sale now

POLYGON – Fantasy Kingdom

This one-and-done fantasy realm package from Synty Studios features over 2,100 (!!) detailed prefabs to help you go medieval on the enchanted kingdom you’re conjuring.

On sale now

Low Poly Ultimate Pack

With more than 1000 prefabs (all set up with colliders!), Low Poly Ultimate Pack lives up to its name, bringing you low-poly models from a broad range of themes and backgrounds.

On sale now

Polygonal Creatures Pack

We love big packs and the value they bring – so we adore this mega pack of 10 faceted low-poly creatures. Lightweight and stylish, it’s staple ammunition for your prototype arsenal.

On sale now

Poly Art Animals Forest Set

Bring your world to life with this gigantic pack of low-poly animals. It includes legions of creatures with over 60 masterfully created animations for each animal to deliver insane value.

On sale now

Epic Toon VFX 2

Wow your audience with killer particles for low-poly and toon projects. These game-ready SFX add instant polish to prototypes to show ideas’ potential before fiddling with the details.
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