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Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA FAQ

Q: How can I know which license the asset that I purchased has?

A: You can find the license on the asset page, under “License”.


Q: What type of licenses are available on the Asset Store that are

under the standard EULA?

A: There are currently two license types under the standard EULA.

Per seat license - This means assets categorized as “Editor Extension”, “Scripting”, or “Services” on the asset page, under the “License” header.  (If the asset is purchased before 02/03/2020, the per seat license only applies to “Editor Extension” category.)

Non per seat - All assets that are not categorized as “Editor Extension”, “Scripting”, or “Services”. Within this license type, you can purchase for:

  • Individual or single entity 
  • Multi-entity - this covers parent, child, and sister companies, as well as contractors on a project. 

Q: What does “per seat” mean?

A: Per seat means that use is exclusive to the named user assigned to that seat. In the case of an individual END-USER, the named user is that individual; if END-USER is a company or any other business, each seat license must be assigned to, and may be used exclusively only by, one (1) specific individual employee of that company or other business.


Q: I am the co-founder of an indie game studio. I would like to

purchase a 3D model asset and share with my other co-founder. Can I do that?

A: If an asset is not categorized as“Editor Extension”, “Scripting”, or “Services” and the END-USER purchaser of the license is a company or other business, then it can be shared with any employee within that company or business. Please note that this does not include any subsidiary or affiliated companies; for that, a multi-entity license would be required. 


Q: I am an indie game developer. I would like to buy a 3D model

asset and share with my contractor who will be using it for my game

development. Can I do that?

A: If an asset is not categorized as “Editor Extension”, “Scripting”, or “Services” and the END-USER purchaser of the license is a company or other business, then it can be shared with any employee within that company or business. A contractor is a third party and as such a separate license would be required, except where the multi-entity license option is chosen. In that case, the contractor does not need a separate license as long as work is limited to the project for which the contractor was hired. 


Q: Can I purchase asset from the Asset Store and use it to produce

commercial physical products?

A: The standard EULA only permits the distribution of licensed assets as incorporated and embedded components of electronic applications and digital media. While distribution as part of any physical product is not permitted, the distribution of physical advertising materials solely for marketing those electronic applications or digital media is permitted.


Q: What does “use” mean for per seat licenses? Does anyone who

would have even only passive access to a project require a seat license?

A: This means any use that requires a license under applicable law. Unfortunately, Unity is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. If you are unsure if your specific case is one for which use would require a license, we suggest that you consult appropriate legal counsel. As an example in cases where Unity is the Provider and licensor of an asset, we can say that we, as licensor, do not consider only passive access to a shared repository as requiring a license.

* Legal Disclaimer The information contained in this FAQ is provided to you “AS IS” and does not constitute legal advice. Unity makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this FAQ.
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