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Accelerate creation with AI solutions

Discover a curated ecosystem of solutions for AI-driven development and gameplay, available on the Unity Asset Store.

AI in action

See how these Made with Unity games use AI solutions.

Zibra.ai and Echoes of Somewhere

By applying AI for 3D geometry, Zibra AI brings high-quality visual effects to low-end PCs and even mobile devices, including these immersive experiences in Echoes of Somewhere. 

Layer AI and Bunch

Layer helps the Bunch developers and others quickly generate a large variety of unique assets and avatars.

Inworld AI and Vaudeville

Inworld AI is the leading character engine for powering AI NPCs in gaming, entertainment, and interactive experiences, including riveting gameplay withinVaudeville.

Find the right solution for your projects

Generative AI
This is an exciting new class of tooling that helps you generate new content. Use it to quickly make variants of your artwork, create character dialogue, and much more.
AI/ML integration
These integrations act as a middle point between Unity and popular AI systems like Open AI. Get SDK access to a growing catalog of helpers and workflow accelerators.
Behavior AI
This is a group of tools to help you build simulated behavior for in-game non-player elements like characters and vehicles.

Build confidently with Verified Solutions

Find professional solutions that have undergone enhanced vetting from creators who are committed to providing high-quality solutions, service, and long term support.


Unity Muse and Unity Sentis

Harness the power of AI end-to-end. Unity Muse enables creators of all skill levels to develop games and real-time 3D experiences with text-based prompts. Use Unity Sentis to build living, real-time 3D worlds on all Unity-supported devices.

Explore the latest assets

Generative AI

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Generate assets to use in your projects.

Verified Solution
Layer AI
Verified Solution

AI/ML Integration

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Enhance your creation workflows and connect your projects to services from AI vendors.

Behavior AI

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Create behavior in game worlds, from pathfinding and enemy logic to non-player character responses.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does Unity screen and select AI solutions for the Unity Asset Store?
    • We choose partners based on solution scalability, usability, and performance, as well as their financial stability, and compatibility with Unity’s roadmap and technology.
    • We test Verified Solutions through a rigorous QA process to ensure minimal usage disruptions. We also have a standard vetting process for all early access programs to minimize the need for developer due diligence.
    • We choose assets from multiple categories and use cases to ensure developers have sufficient options at each stage of development.
  2. What are Unity’s guiding principles for responsible AI?
    • We’re committed to ensuring that our AI solutions are developed and deployed in a way that is transparent, fair, accountable, and in accordance with government regulations around the globe. Learn more on our blog.
  3. Can I use the assets I download or purchase from the Unity Asset Store to train AI and machine learning (ML) models/tools?
    • Content from the Unity Asset Store cannot be used to train AI/ML models on your own system or via upload to a third-party system.
    • All of your rights and obligations regarding the use of assets are described in section two of the Unity Asset Store EULA.
  4. Can I publish and sell content generated with AI on the Unity Asset Store?
    • Yes, content that is generated with AI systems is allowed on the store. However, art content which resembles third-party or copyrighted work, copies or plagiarizes the work of other creators, or does not provide significant value to end users will be rejected. 
    • All packages that include any AI-generated content, including images or code, must transparently disclose this information.
    • Read the full Unity Asset Store Submission Guidelines for more information.

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