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Asset creators like you have helped thousands of games developers throughout the year and powered award-winning games like Sable and The Falconeer. You’ve also boldly followed your own dreams, leaned in to your passion to improve indie games, and even partnered with some of the biggest names in tech.

To wrap up 2022, we’re showcasing some highlights from our publisher community.

Power to the people

As Freya Holmér shared at Unite 2022, “The tools find me and then I release them to the world.” The Unity Asset Store is home to over 70,000 packages and 50+ Verified Solutions from thousands of creators all over the globe. For many of you, it started with you pursuing your creative ambitions, finding ways to make creation easier as you built, and then sharing your tools and art so that others can achieve their goals more easily too.

These are a few of the stories we captured in 2022.

Solving challenges with assets

At Unite 2022, Freya Holmér (best known for Shapes) and Renaud Forestié (More Mountains) joined us in an honest and eye-opening panel on what the path to publishing looks like and how they’ve been able to empower game creators by publishing their tools.

Sharing graphics experience

After seven successful years on the Unity Asset Store, Ramiro Oliva, the founder of Kronnect, sat down with us to tell us more about his journey from enterprise software to entrepreneur working full-time enabling game creators of all skill levels to create detailed visual experiences.

Simplifying syncing sounds

At GDC 2022, we sat down with the cofounders of Sonic Bloom, a tool for syncing audio clips to actions in games. They told us how their passion for great sound design in games led them to pursuing working on their tool, Koreographer, full-time, and about the creative ways they’re seeing their tool used in popular games.

Leveling up game development

The publishing community is full of talented experts sharing their skills with others. Not only are many of you doing this through your asset packages, but in 2022 we saw many members of our community go above and beyond. 

From helping us create bite-sized tips to share on social media, to making videos about your publishing journey, to even joining forces with some of the biggest names in tech, here are some of those highlights from 2022.

#Unitytips, written by you

This year, many of you joined us by taking over our Unity Asset Store Twitter feed to share tips and tricks around using your assets and game development. Check out our blog post featuring a roundup of quick tips that have a big impact.

Forging partnerships with giants

At GDC 2022, we sat down with Procedural Worlds’ founder Adam Goodrich to learn more about his journey to publishing on the Unity Asset Store and how that opened the door for him to share his machine learning expertise with Intel.

Creating and providing content

We’re always thrilled when game creators make their work available for others to use. Even better is when they also share the details of their creator-to-publisher journey to inspire folks who are thinking of doing the same. 

This year, Blackthornprod did just that, going from game developer and tutorial creator to Unity Asset Store publisher and documenting that journey in a short video.

Assets in action

Here are some examples of how asset publishers like you enable small teams and solo developers to produce prototypes and polished projects more quickly than by building everything from scratch.

New resources from 2022

Whether you’re just starting out or pursuing a Verified Solution status, we want to light your path to success. This year, we introduced new resources to help you improve your users’ experience and grow faster.

Publisher resources
Now available through the Publisher Portal, publisher resources offer best practices and actionable insights for marketing on the Unity Asset Store, building a user community, and more.
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Tips for submission success
Rejections? We know you don’t have time for that. Check out our top 10 tips for a successful asset review.
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Best practices for product pages
Follow these tips to make sure your product listing pages reflect how awesome your asset is and help users easily find the info they need.
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Tell us your story

This page is just a snapshot of the amazing community success in 2022. Have your own success story or hot tip to share? Let us know by tagging us on Twitter (#assetstore) or posting to the Unity forums.

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