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Ideas start here

Discover assets to help you take your creative ideas to the next level.

Made with the Asset Store

See how indies turned their innovative ideas into engaging games with help from tools available on the Asset Store.


Watch the video to see Asset Store assets in action.

What makes a game indie?

There are some defining characteristics commonly associated with indie games. 

For example, indie games are often created by small teams or even individuals. This enables more creative freedom, as indie developers typically have fewer constraints associated with mass market appeal. As a result, indie games often have a more unique or experimental design. They may also have a stronger focus on storytelling or artistry. Not all indie games possess these qualities, but they are often seen as distinguishing features of the genre. 

Ultimately, what makes a game indie is its independent spirit and willingness to take risks.

Explore assets to spark your imagination

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Build worlds with the Asset Store

Shedworks used tools like FMOD and Gameflow to help create the award-winning game, SableRead more in their case study on Unity.

Check out assets from superstar publishers that have been used in indie games like Twelve Minutes, V Rising, Shredders, and Spare Parts.

Sculpt and animate your assets in Unity with Clayxels by Unbound. Give your game a whole new set of interactive volumetric capabilities.
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Get the ultimate collection of inverse kinematics solutions exclusively for the Unity platform with Final IK by RootMotion.
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Create faster and more efficient cloth simulations at high speed with Magica Cloth by Magica Soft.
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8 ways to find your next game idea

1. Browse the Asset Store: Get inspired by art and tools that help you focus on what you want to create. For example, if you’d like to build a game with a low poly art style, browse those assets to kick-start your creativity.

2. Brainstorm with friends: Get together with some friends and think about new and different ideas for indie games. 

3. Look at other indie games: See what you like and don’t like about specific indie games. This can help you generate and refine ideas for your own game.


4. Play video games: Note down what types of indie games you enjoy playing the most. This can help inspire ideas for games you would enjoy making.

5. Draw inspiration from movies or books: See if there is a story or concept from movies or books you enjoy that you could adapt into an indie game.


6. Use online generators: There are a number of online generators that can help you come up with indie game ideas. Some generators ask you to provide a theme or genre, while others give you a list of prompts to choose from.

7. Use forums: Explore ideas that could be incorporated into your next game by sifting through forums like the game ideas subreddit.

8. Watch influencers play games: Tune in to gaming streams on YouTube and Twitch to get a pulse on how different communities react to different games, or to identify opportunities for your own games. You can also catch a Creator Spotlight on the official Unity Twitch channel to see how different developers approach their games.

11,000 種類を超える 5 つ星アセット
8.5 万人以上の顧客による評価
10 万人以上のフォーラムメンバーが支持
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