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SEO for asset publishers

Your products on the Unity Asset Store can benefit from strong search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition, increasing organic traffic to your own website can help increase visits to your Asset Store products, which can increase revenue, and can also increase revenue from the Affiliate program.

In this guide, we give you a quick overview of SEO, and how you can apply simple tactics to your product descriptions and other web content. 

We also discuss key points that you can employ on your own website, where you have even more control over the content that can be picked up by search engines.

Why is SEO important?

Search is the dominant way that people discover, research, and purchase products. Every search is an opportunity to connect with customers. For most sites, organic search is the number one traffic channel, driving an average of 53% of all traffic.

What can search help with?

  • Awareness: Building brand visibility amongst new and existing audiences
  • Engagement: Aligning brand messages with user interests and language
  • Traffic: Ensuring users find the content and experiences you create
  • Conversions: Speeding up purchase decisions by addressing user needs

On the Asset Store, you control the title and description of your assets. Both of these can influence how often your product shows up in search engine results.


It’s all about connecting the right content with the right people at the right time.

Key best practices for your web content

Title tag and meta description:

These are the first things that a person sees in search results.


The title tag is a key ranking factor. One simple change can make a big difference, and has a direct impact on search rankings.


The purpose of the title tag and meta description is to get people who are searching to click your site’s link.


The title tag is 50-65 characters long, and should include the primary keywords while also communicating the value and content on the page.


The meta description is 140-170 characters long. It should be compelling, clearly describe the content on the page, and highlight the value the searcher will gain from visiting the page.


Heading tags:

Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are HTML tags that can be wrapped around any text to identify it as an important headline to search engines. This helps them understand the structure and purpose of the page content.


Headlines should be informative, include a keyword (if and when possible), and clearly describe what a section is about. Well-written headlines help readers scan and locate relevant information, improve accessibility, and support SEO.


Pages should only have one H1. All subsequent headings should follow the correct hierarchy, from H2 to H3, from H3 to H4, and so on. It’s not a good idea to jump from an H2 to an H5 without having H3 and H4 in between.

What content should you include on the description page?

You have the ability to write descriptions for your assets, which is a great opportunity to both communicate its value to prospective customers and boost your SEO.


Do you get common questions from downloaders? Adding those questions and answers to the page is a great way to give potential customers helpful and relevant content.

Tell people about your asset and why it’s better than comparable assets or solutions. Make sure to highlight the features of your asset.

Here are some common questions you can answer on the description page: 

  • Is your asset plug and play?
  • Is there any coding necessary?
  • Do you have a use case for your asset?
  • Have you seen your asset used in a way that you can highlight as a use case?
  • Are there pictures, videos, or sounds to showcase?
  • Is this an asset for beginners or more advanced developers?

Example: DragoToons is a 2D dragon sprite that can be used for all types of gameplay. Our flying animation makes creating a moving boss level easier than ever!


Having genuine content from the people who created your asset that highlights its value and benefits is priceless, since customers often want to have as much information as possible when purchasing an asset.

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