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Expand your business into Sinespace

Unity and Sine Wave Entertainment (SWE) have partnered together to make it easy for you to sell your content in the Sinespace Virtual World MMO. SWE will convert and manage the maintenance of your content and you still receive 70% commission on all sales
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What is Sinespace?

A next generation online virtual world platform for Unity, Sinespace combines all the creative freedom of a virtual world with the graphics and scripting power of a AAA multiplayer game. Currently in soft beta with over 500,000 registered users and paying users who spend an average of $30/month on in-game purchases, Sinespace is quietly preparing for an official launch that will feature content partnerships with top comic book publishers and record labels, live event companies, game studios, and a major toy manufacturer.
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Benefits of publishing to Sinespace

New revenue stream
Virtual Worlds marketplaces are far bigger than that of developer asset marketplaces. Sinespace has aggressive marketing plans to grow their user base later this year and beyond. Don't miss out on this opportunity.
Same margin
You earn 70% of all sales just as you do via the Unity Asset Store. On top of this, for any derivative work based on your IP you will receive the same amount from the sale of your original work.
Publish here, sell there
Unity and SWE are automating both the publishing and maintenance of your content. Publish once on the Asset Store, and automatically pipe the content you choose into the Sinespace marketplace.
Start with ease
We will automatically generate your publisher account on Sinespace with the same login as Unity, or one you specify. Setup payout details on the Sinespace publisher portal. Once set up, no actions are required.
No extra overhead
Unity and SWE will convert and maintain your content on the Sinewave market. SWE will also handle all customer service issues on your behalf, though you are welcome to take a hands-on approach if you prefer.
Strong Piracy Protection
SWE have a thorough publishing review that sifts through any pirated material and take DMCA’s seriously. Source files are never shared with the customer, protecting your IP.

Opt-in Process

1. Sinespace currently accepts assets in the following categories: 3D, Audio, materials/textures, and VFX. If you have published assets in these categories, click the button below to get started. You need to log in Unity Publisher Account to access the link. 2. Confirm agreement with opt-in conditions. 3. Register a Sinespace account, you can use the same email account as Unity, or one you specify. Sinespace will send you an email with your login details. 4. Select packages from the list. Published assets on Unity Asset Store are available to be selected. 5. Submit to Sinespace. All assets submitted for consideration will be reviewed by Sinespace for suitability. Note that being published on the Unity Asset Store is not a guarantee of acceptance. 6. Asset packs will be split into individual assets for Sinespace, with a price assigned per asset. Full packs will also be available to end users at the price specified when we transferred the information. 7. To provide payment information, you will need to log into your SWE account. 8. Sinespace will handle all customer support, but you are welcome to engage with your customers on Sinespace if you choose to do so. 9. You can manage your account and check the status of your submitted assets on Sinespace Dashboard.
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