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Sinespace Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I have submitted some assets, but I've changed my mind. Can I remove the submission?

    Yes, please email support@unity3d.com and let them know that you would like to remove your submission for the Sinewave / Asset Store partnership. Please include your business email and publisher ID, so we know which submission to remove.

  2. Can I change the price of an item listed on Sinespace store?

    Yes! While prices will initially be set automatically, based on your existing prices, you will be able to log into your SWE account and update prices at any time.

  3. Where can I check the status of my submitted assets?

    You can manage your account and check the status of your submitted assets on Sinespace Dashboard, please sign in with your Sinespace publisher account and password. Dashboard guide can be found here.

  4. If I published a new package on Asset Store, does it automatically published on Sinespace as well?

    No, successfully published assets on Unity Asset Store doesn't automatically publish on Sinespace. If you wish to publish new packages on Sinespace, please return to the Submit Package, all published assets on Asset Store in will be available to choose from.

  5. I have another question that isn't listed here.

    If you have any questions or need additional support on Sinespace curator please contact assetstore@sinewavecompany.com

    You can also visit the Unity Forum thread here. If you do not yet have access to the publisher forum, please sign up here. Submissions are processed weekly.

    Alternatively, you may email support@unity3d.com with specific questions. Thank you!

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