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Contest winners revealed for the LEGO® NINJAGO® & 1-Button Game Challenge
We recently teamed up with LEGO® Games to find the most innovative and entertaining games made in Unity using the LEGO Microgame – playable with just a single button. Fan voting determined the winners from an amazing lot of finalists that spanned diverse genres and art styles. Check out the lucky winners!
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Bring some holiday cheer to your game with the Gingerbrick’s Revenge Add-On
LEGO® Santa has returned to Unity, just in time for the holidays! Create your own personal wintry wonderland adventure game, brick by digital LEGO brick. Just take your sleigh to the Asset Store and download the newest LEGO Microgame Add-On, Gingerbrick’s Revenge.
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Unlockable Add-Ons

Publish your game on Unity Play to begin unlocking these Add-Ons for free.

To get the Knights' Kingdom Add-On, check out the “Build, Publish, & BONUS” tutorial in the LEGO Microgame. Then follow the instructions on Unity Play to unlock the remaining Add-Ons seen here.

Knights' Kingdom
Travel back to the Middle Ages with this fantasy feature. Imagine your minifigures safe behind the ramparts. But wait, is the drawbridge up or down?
Space Cadet
Take your LEGO Microgame into space! Launch it sky-high with a flyable spaceship, a space station, alien brickbots and other features for zero-gravity fun.
Island Adventure
With this add-on you can create a mini-world within your game. Hungry? Stop for a slice of pizza. Do something bad? Land yourself in the island jail.

More Add-Ons

Expand your horizon with new skyboxes, design cool levels, add sound effects, and more.

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