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Customize your FPS Microgame

Discover a world of assets to enhance and personalize your game.

Customizable Boss
It’s time to boss up. With over 80 unique configurations available, this customizable boss robot enemy will make your FPS Microgame stand out from the crowd.
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Lock and load this sci-fi assault rifle with bullet ammunition. You heard right — grab some ammo packs and reload as needed, so you can quickly target and take on your enemies.
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Tiling Textures
Is your game looking a little bland? Dress it up fast with these 10 real-world textures. Put tiles on the roof, concrete and brick on the walls, and some grass and dirt in the yard.
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Unlockable Add-Ons

Publish your game on Unity Play to start unlocking these Add-Ons for free.

To get the Sniper Rifle Add-On, check out the “Build, Publish, & BONUS” tutorial in the FPS Microgame. Then follow the instructions on Unity Play to unlock the remaining Add-Ons seen here.

Sniper Rifle
Unlock this sniper rifle to add more variety and powerful artillery to your weapon inventory.
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Weapon Skins
Hook up your blaster, disc launcher, and newly unlocked rifle with weapon skins made for cyber warfare.
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Enemy Skins
Remodel and revamp your mechanical menaces with this new Enemy Skins pack.
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More Add-Ons

Wield new weapons, design cool levels, add sound effects, and more.

Want even more Add-Ons?

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Over 11,000 five-star assets
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