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Featured Unity Affiliate Insider: Code Monkey

Code Monkey is a developer with eight published games on Steam. Check out his favorite assets.

Tips to speed up game development

Join Code Monkey to learn about 30 tools that can help you create cool games faster.

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Creator content showcase

Looking for new assets or gamedev tips and tricks? Code Monkey has you covered with dozens of videos and playlists.

Using assets vs flipping
The Unity Asset Store is home to thousands of assets to help you make games. Code Monkey shares examples of games that use visual assets.
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Top May assets
New assets are added to the Unity Asset Store daily. Dive deeper into new releases from May 2023.
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Using assets in a Steam game
Learn about the assets Code Monkey used in the trailer for his upcoming Steam game and how he plans to incorporate assets into the final game.
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Unity beginner course
If you’ve always wanted to learn about making games in Unity, Code Monkey’s free 10-hour YouTube course can show you how.
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Code Monkey’s favorite assets

With thousands of assets on the Unity Asset Store, finding the right ones for your upcoming project might feel a little daunting. Here are eight assets recommended by Code Monkey to help you start your next game or take it across the finish line.

2023 Unity Gaming Report

Get powerful first-party data on trends that are shaping the gaming industry. Plus, gain insight into what's ahead with forward-looking insights from successful game studios.

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