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Building a fantasy game

Your quest begins right here.

Make your fantasy game a reality

Fantasy games remain the top genre for Unity creators, and Asset Store doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fantasy-themed content. We’ve handpicked some of the most battle-tested fantasy assets out there to help ye kick it olde school. Add them to your arsenal now, while they're 50% off, during the Best of Super Sale.

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On sale now

Gaia 2 – Terrain & Scene Generator

Build your realm with the go-to asset pros use to create massive natural worlds from scratch. Terraform, texture and plant to create stunning environments and scenes with lighting and FX.

On sale now

Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature

DIY nature with hundreds of scanned assets for unique landscapes – or quickly prototype an idea using this awesome art pack’s high-quality demo scene, straight out of the box.

On sale now

Vegetation Studio Pro

Enrich your world with seasonal functionality using Vegetation Studio Pro, a plant generation and rendering system we love for its runtime speed, new job system, and burst compiler.

On sale now

Heroic Fantasy Creatures Pack: Vol 2

Games need bad guys. PROTOFACTOR does not disappoint with this pack of 30 (yes, THIRTY) creatures, monsters, and nasties, animated and ready to fill your players with dread.

On sale now

AllSky – 200+ / Skybox Set

With over 200 options, AllSky makes it easy to find the right sky for your project. Whether it’s a scrappy prototype or a polished AAA contender, make your world vibrant with a few clicks.
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