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Product page information

We've updated the Asset Store product pages, and made modifications to default image sizes. While this does require publisher action, it sets the stage for future growth. Read on to learn more about the changes and to download templates for the new image sizes.

Image Templates

  • Download the new image templates and upload your images to the site!
  • Important: New templates include guidance for text/logos. Failure to follow the guidance may exclude your asset from home page features.

New product page

The new pages feature a much larger cover image, and adopts a standard 3x2 aspect ratio. Specifically the image is 1200x800 pixels.

Publishers are now able to upload new key images and screenshots using a new drag-and-drop feature on the publisher panel, making it faster than ever to populate graphics. The new images are mostly standardized to a 3:2 aspect ratio, which will help us more easily improve the product page in the future without asking publishers to create new graphics.

Screenshots can be any resolution, so long as they have a minimum 1200 pixel width. Height does not matter for these images. They will be scaled for viewing, but users will have the option of viewing images at full resolution. We recommend screenshots are 2400x1600.

Key image templates
The templates linked below are presented in PSD and PNG formats, and can be used to quickly create your new images. We've also included updated "Safe Zones" -- best practices for including text/logos on your key images, so that your graphics aren't covered by other icons we may add in the future.

Publisher forum

Once you have at least one published asset, you're welcome to join the exclusive, private publisher forum at the Unity Forums. Fill out the form below to get access, and engage with other publishers. Submissions are processed weekly, and you will not receive notification when you are approved. At least one published asset is required to gain access. The publisher forum is the last sub-form on the Unity Forums page, and can be found here: https://forum.unity.com/forums/asset-store-publishers.91/
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