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Shameless money-grab
Jun 16th 2017
on version
On coming out of Beta, Photon have now decided that not only relayed clients but also fully peer-peer connected players will use up CCU allowances, which the developer has to pay for. So one of the main benefits that Bolt used to have, i.e. no server costs, has been snatched away.
Really good
Jun 2nd 2017
on version 0.975
This works really well and is easy to follow and modify. Blows the socks off websockets (including PUN), of course, if you need high speed movement in a WebGL game. I haven't tried setting up my own signalling/STUN server yet, but the code is provided so hopefully it won't be too painful.
Causing problems
Mar 7th 2014
on version 1.01
Hey, I'm finding this unfortunately anything but fast! (Unity 4.3.4) The GlobalProjectionManager is totally hammering my framerate, so the package is unusable for me right now. Any ideas? edit: ah, I see you said at the bottom it's much slower without Pro. That's for darn sure! On my S4 it's dropping from about 50fps to about 3fps. I think you should put that comment at the top in bold, rather than at the bottom of your description.
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