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There’s no better time to start publishing your projects on the Asset Store. Whether you’re a designer or developer, you can show off your skills, share your vision, and connect with likeminded creators along the way.

From 3D models to Editor extensions, simply submit your stellar creations to the Asset Store. Then we’ll get you set up, so you can sell your content and stay focused on the fun part: creating.

Why become a publisher

Earn while doing what you love. Set your own prices and use potential profits to fund your next great creation.

Reach over 1.7 million monthly Asset Store users. Expand your reach across a vast community.

Own your content. All submissions are covered by the standard EULA, meaning that your content is owned by you, the publisher. We’re just the platform that helps you distribute it.

Get community support. You’re not in it alone; become one of over 12,000 active publishers to date.

How to get started

Register your publisher profile. Go to the Publisher Portal, log in with your Unity ID, and provide your portfolio and business information.


Create and upload your asset. Create a package on the Publisher Portal according to our Submission Guidelines and upload your files from the Unity Editor using Asset Store Tools.


Submit your assets for review. Unity’s curation team reviews your assets, and either accepts them or provides further feedback for resubmission.


“I launched Gaia on the Asset Store in 2015, and the response has gone beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve traveled the world to interact and collaborate with our amazing community. Unity has been incredibly supportive over the years, and is well-positioned as a creation platform for the future. I genuinely love what I do and would do it again in a heartbeat.”
“Unity has made my dream job come to life. I wake up each day feeling blessed to be in the position to do what I love, and to share that with others by selling my assets on the Unity Asset Store. It’s great to get such inspiring feedback from developers of all levels; to see how I’ve become part of their own dreams by empowering them to do what they love.”
“We initially published on the Asset Store for some side revenue, but had no idea that it would turn into what it has! The Asset Store has given us so many opportunities that we otherwise would not have had. We've been able to meet some really amazing people, work from anywhere in the world, and see our tools be used in many outstanding projects.”

Frequently asked questions

  1. What can I sell on the Asset Store?

    You can sell anything that follows our Submission Guidelines. Take a look at our existing categories for insight into what others are selling.

  2. How much can I earn by publishing?

    There’s no limit to how much you can earn while selling on the Asset Store. Although we can’t provide data from other users, many publishers have found that the revenue from publishing can cover full-time salaries for a team of individuals working on their content.

  3. How much does publishing cost me?

    There are no fees to publish on the Asset Store. You retain 70% of all revenue earned.

  4. What is the first step to becoming a publisher?

    You need to fill out a publisher profile in the Publisher Portal, submit an asset, and have it approved to be featured on the Asset Store.

  5. How do I publish my asset?

    In the Publisher Portal, you can submit content to the store, along with information for your publisher profile. Your submission and content will then be reviewed by our curation team to ensure that it meets our Submission Guidelines. To be paid, you will need to submit a “tax interview” through our online questionnaire, plus any other relevant payout information. You can find detailed steps on how to set up payout information here.

  6. How do I define my asset’s price?

    The minimum price for an asset is $4.99. You can set the price of your asset as you see fit. We encourage publishers to avoid undercutting other publishers’ prices, as lower prices can indicate lower quality.

  7. Where can I find the fine print?

    Here is the Provider Agreement, the legal contract to which you will need to agree before you can submit any content to the Asset Store. Please see the Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA. The EULA explains what rights you are granting to buyers on the Asset Store.

  8. Am I allowed to use content from the public domain in my asset submission?

    By submitting your asset, you are claiming that you have all rights to the content and can distribute it on the Asset Store. If you are unsure as to whether you have the right to use certain content, please remove the questionable content before submitting your asset.

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Over 11,000 five-star assets
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