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Find the right tools, extensions, and art packs to accelerate your workflow. Whether you're an experienced developer or new to coding, the Asset Store can help you stay focused on the fun part of game creation. Check out these great first-buy assets for all users.


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How making indie games changed my life

David Wehle, the creator of The First Tree, leveraged the Asset Store to become a full-time indie developer. His story is now shared by thousands of other developers who have found similar success crafting their projects with time-saving content from the Asset Store.

As David explains, “I make games for a living... which blows my mind since I'm horrible at coding and am self-taught when it comes to art and design. I hope I can inspire you to start, finish, and market your game – because, trust me, it's worth it.”

Visual Scripting

Visual scripting has become the go-to method for game development without coding. Playmaker, FlowReactor, and Bolt are three of the top visual scripting assets that provide compelling solutions for creators.

Hutong Games
“I'm primarily a programmer/scripter, when it comes to game developing it is what I'm best at. I've made very complicated things, all the way from Pathtracers to full-featured Compilers. However, Playmaker, first of all, works like a charm! All the pesky things you have to repeatedly work on when scripting game behaviours are automated.” Review by ncortiz
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Unity Technologies
“I'm new to Unity and Bolt has helped me greatly to get started. I know how to write code (PHP & JS), but to be honest, I don't really enjoy it and wasn't looking forward to learning C#. Bolt lets me 'write code' with visual scripting which fits the way my brain works much better.” Review by bensibley
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“Though I'm sure that my use cases are a little unique [compared] to others who may use this, I have found that everything I threw at it just worked. Even when I felt it would be questionable, it wasn’t. I'm impressed with the fact that I was literally able to get this set up for the first time, and started implementing [it] into my framework within two hours.” Review by JasonJonesLASM
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Amplify Shader Editor
The task of coding shaders is not always so straightforward, but the Amplify Shader Editor makes it much more approachable. By using a visual, node-based graph system (not to mention, tons of tutorial content), this tool helps you unleash the power of custom shaders for your next project.

Game systems

Whether you seek to speed up development or skip the steps you don’t find as fun, the Asset Store has many complete projects and templates here to help you out. More specifically, Corgi Engine, Adventure Creator, and Game Creator are some of the most popular packs for users looking to get ahead on their game.

Corgi Engine – 2D and 2.5D Platformer
More Mountains
“As a hobbyist, the Corgi Engine along with Playmaker are absolutely amazing for artists/designers who want to make a platformer but don't know much about code. It's loaded with examples you can reference and re-purpose, and it's constantly getting new features added.” Review by Shadalac
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Adventure Creator
ICEBOX Studios
“This asset is pretty important to me, as cheesy as that may sound. I have used it now for about two years and released two major projects using it, neither of which were traditional adventure or point and click games. I'm now working on a third, which is different again. Put simply, it's the best asset on this store.” Review by mef1122
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Game Creator
Catsoft Studios
“As a systems analyst that is developing a game for the first time this has cut my start time to a playable prototype simulation in half, or better. There are a great deal of functions that I still have to learn on my Game Dev journey, but this asset has given me a great start. Thank you CatSoft Studios for developing and supporting Game Creator.” Review by karlfhastings
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Odin – Inspector and Serializer
Odin’s advanced serialization capabilities make it one of the most popular assets among Unity users. With over a hundred attributes to streamline workflow, a user-friendly editor, and an ever-growing feature list, this asset gives your Unity project a serious boost, without having to write custom code.

Art for every aesthetic

If you're new to Unity and looking to learn more, nothing makes test projects more fun than experimenting with high-quality art packs. Harness these drag-and-drop collections to quickly build your world while learning how to work within the platform.

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