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Top picks for new Asset Store users

Whether you're brand new to coding, new to Unity, or an experienced user coming to the Asset Store for the first time, we have the tools, extensions, and art to level-up your workflow. Grab the assets you need to allow more focus on the parts of your project that matter. Get to the fun faster, figure out if your prototype has legs, or spice up your game with top quality audio, visual effects, and art. Asset Store has saved millions of hours for countless developers like yourself. Check out these great first-buy assets for users of all experience levels.

How Making Indie Games Changed My Life

The creator of "The First Tree" utilized Unity & Asset Store to become a full time indie developer. His story is shared by thousands of other devs who have found success developing the projects they want to work on, leveraging content from the Asset Store to save time, money, and do things that otherwise would not be possible.

"My name is David and I make games for a living... which blows my mind, since I'm horrible at coding and I'm self-taught with art/design. In this mini-documentary, I go through my life and explain how I got here. I hope it inspires you to start, finish, and market your game—because trust me, it's worth it."

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Visual Scripting

For those who want to focus on development without coding, or are a coder during the day and want a change for the side project, visual scripting has become the go-to method of game making without coding. Playmaker and Bolt have been the top visual scripting assets for Unity for years, and each provide a compelling solution, active communities, and years of development.

Hutong Games
"I'm primarily a programmer/scripter, when it comes to game developing it is what I'm best at. I've made very complicated things, all the way from Pathtracers to full-featured Compilers. However, Playmaker, first of all, works like a charm! All the pesky things you have to repeatedly work on when scripting game behaviours are automated." Review by ncortiz
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Unity Technologies
"I'm new to Unity and Bolt has helped me greatly to get started. I know how to write code (PHP & JS), but to be honest, I don't really enjoy it and wasn't looking forward to learning C#. Bolt lets me 'write code' with visual scripting which fits the way my brain works much better." Review by bensibley
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FlowReactor is a high level visual scripting editor. Use FlowReactor to create AI behaviors, ui flows, dialog trees, tutorials, level scripting, game mechanics, state machines and logic flows. Also, thanks to the node wizard, creating a new node is as easy as creating a new C# file.
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Create awesome visuals
Coding shaders is difficult for many of us. Amplify Shader Editor makes it easy, using a visual, node based graph system and tons of tutorial content. Unleash the power of custom shaders for your next project.

Game systems

Odin - Inspector & Serializer
One of the most popular assets among experienced Unity users, Odin puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful and advanced user-friendly editors for you and your entire team.

Learn Unity with something beautiful

If you're new to Unity and looking to learn more, nothing makes test projects more fun than high quality, attractive art. These art packs are drag-and-drop ready so you can quickly build a small world to play with while learning how to work with the Unity Engine. Or, simply use their demo scenes for an instant world ready to build upon.

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Over 11,000 5 star assets
Rated by 85,000+ customers
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Supported by 100,000+ forum members
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