Grow Your Skills Mega Bundle

Save up to 90% when you expand your Unity skills with a curated toolkit of top-quality Editor add-ons and art assets for building amazing games and experiences. These Mega Bundles are perfect for anyone looking to level up their Editor abilities or master something new. For the first time, we’re also including a twelve-month subscription to Unity Learn Premium so you can access interactive live sessions and learning content created by Unity to grow your skills.
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Get started for $49.99+Save up to 83%

Grab these versatile assets for a huge discount to jump-start your next project. Valued at $309.96.
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Snaps Art HD | Sci-Fi Military Base
Asset Store Originals
Quick Look
Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi Military Base
Asset Store Originals
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Realistic Explosions Pack
Quick Look
Sci Fi Fighter Cockpit Bridge 6
Vattalus Assets
Quick Look
Snaps Art HD | School
Asset Store Originals

Get more for just $79.99+Save up to 85%

Save over 85% on additional assets hand-picked for their ability to show you something new. Valued at $552.95.
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Animal Controller
MalberS Animations
Quick Look
Gallant Games
Quick Look
Poly Art Animals Forest Set
MalberS Animations
Quick Look
Dwarven Expedition Pack

Get everything for only $99.99+Save up to 90%

Get the most out of your assets with 12 months of Unity Learn Premium ($99 value) and save 90%. This package includes popular assets like Playmaker, DarkTree FPS, graphics packages from Synty Studios, and much more. Valued at $1086.91.
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DarkTree FPS v1.4
Quick Look
Hutong Games LLC
Quick Look
Sci-Fi Laboratory Pack 2
Velkin Labs
Quick Look
Snaps Art HD | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh
Unity Icon Collective
Quick Look
Space Skyboxes & Planets
Quick Look
POLYGON - Battle Royale Pack
Synty Studios
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Frequently asked questions

  1. I’m already a Unity Learn Premium subscriber. If I buy this, what happens to my current subscription?

    If you’re currently a Learn Premium subscriber and you purchase the Mega Bundle that includes Learn Premium, we will extend your subscription by an additional 12 months at checkout. You will not be charged during those 12 months, and no further action is needed on your part.

  2. I see that Unity Learn Premium is open to everyone through June 20, how will that impact the annual subscription I buy through this Mega Bundle?

    Unity is committed to supporting our community of creators during this challenging time, and we’ll be adding an additional three months of access to Unity Learn Premium to your annual subscription. We’ll do this on the backend, so you don’t need to do anything.

  3. Unity Learn Premium is included with my Pro or Plus subscription. If I buy this, what do I get?

    If you’re currently a Unity Pro or Plus customer and you purchase the Mega Bundle that includes Learn Premium, we will give you a seat of Learn Premium. Once your Learn Premium subscription expires, it will auto-renew for an additional 12 months. You can disable this function in your account settings at any time.

  4. What happens at the end of my Learn Premium subscription?

    Your Learn Premium subscription will auto-renew upon expiration. If you do not wish for this to occur, you may change this in your account settings at any time.

  5. Can I purchase a bundle more than once?

    No, you can only purchase one of any bundle.

  6. I purchased a lower-priced bundle and want to upgrade to a larger one. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can! To upgrade, purchase the larger bundle, then contact support with the Invoice ID from both purchases to request a refund for the lower-cost bundle.

  7. I already own some of these assets. Do I get a discount?

    The bundle price is only applicable to the bundle as a whole and cannot be discounted if you already own one or more of the assets. The good news is that the final discount is large enough that you’ll still save money, even if you’ve already purchased some of the assets it includes.

  8. I just bought one of these assets. Can I get a refund so I can buy it here?

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for previously purchased assets to accommodate their repurchase in the bundle. 

  9. If one of the assets in the bundle doesn’t work for me, can I get a partial refund?

    It’s not possible for us to separate individual packages from the rest of the bundle, so we are unable to issue partial refunds.

  10. I don’t like some of the assets in the bundle. Can I get a refund?

    We are not offering refunds on bundled purchases. 

  11. Why would I pay more than the minimum price, and who gets the money?

    Because you’re awesome and want to support the publishers! Part of our goal in creating this sale is to support the artists and developers who create and publish the amazing assets included in each bundle. The extra money is shared according to a percentage previously agreed upon by the publishers involved.

  12. Can I specify how much of the money goes to each publisher?

    It’s a nice thought, but not at this time. The publishers will be awarded extra funds based on predetermined percentages of the contributions made.

  13. Can I share or sell the licenses included in the bundles?

    When you purchase a bundle, entitlements to the licenses are added to your account and are nontransferable.

  14. I’m an Asset Store publisher – can I sell bundled asset packs in the next sale?

    We know that most publishers would love to be part of Asset Store promotions. As each promotion is different, we will reach out to publishers when we are populating upcoming promotions, including bundles, if we continue to offer them in the future. Make sure your business contact email is up to date and being checked.

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